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The Cheapest Quote, The Truth

Am I saving money using the cheapest quote?

You have 10 quotes, prices differ wildly, which should you go with? The rule of thumb is simple, if it's too good to be true, it usually is, if it's outragously expensive, you're probably getting ripped off...So, which one do you go with?

The truth is simple. Do your homework. The internet has thrown the doors wide open and given us reviews and testimonials on almost everything and every one. And once a review has been published, it is very hard to remove, it's permanent. Check out the company, the products they use and have written into the quote and view other peoples experiences dealing with each company. Information technology is so powerful, the best part is it gives you a first hand transparent image of other peoples experiences.

There are huge differences in product quality, build design and quality of workmanship in the patio industry here in Perth. From simple things like using painted or coloured screws, sheeting styles and types through to notched posts, powdercoating and import vs locally made steel. There are many corners that can be cut to increase a companies bottom line. The trick is not to cut any.

My advise is simple, do some homework, never assume and don't let yourself get ripped off.