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Approvals Why?

Why do I need Council Approval?

There are a number of reasons that you should always have council approval for any new structure that is permanently installed on your property. As much as it may seem like a money grab for the local council's and engineering companies, you do need it and you do want it.

Simply put, get it approved before it goes up. There are several really good reasons for having the neccessary council approvals prior to building your new patio or carport, firstly reducing arguements with neighbours, peace of mind that it won't come back and bite you in the bum and knowing you have it should you wish to sell later.

Your council acts as a judiciary body between you, your neighbours and your community. It's more a tribunal which uses the R-Codes guidelines and common sense to judicate what should and shouldn't be built. In a basic sense, if it's going to be an eyesore or stand out like dogs balls, it won't get approved. However, if it is the correct distance from the boundaries and poses little to no impact on the neighbours and the colours and style chosen are complimentary to the houses and streets surrounding, there shouldn't be any issues getting approved. Well, that is as long as we have filled out all the correct paperwork and paid the respective application fee's. Whilst the fee's may seem like a money grab, and sometimes it does look that way, they are only to cover the cost of the assessment and book-keeping.

Should you build a patio or carport and find out later that you need an approval or approvals, it can get much harder and considerably more expensive.A retrospective approval requires a lot more paperwork, visits by the council staff, structural engineers and sometimes even surveyors, of which you pay for. This can run into thousands

Should you wish to sell your house, you will need to show council approval/s for everything, or you have an arguement with your neighbours or the council simply does an area audit, you may be requested by council to apply for a retrospective approval or even remove the patio or carport itself. Not cool...

We do acquire all the necessary approvals on your behalf prior to building your new patio or carport. We also hand them over to you on completion.