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E Prime

"e" Prime, what is it, do I need it?

'E' Prime or better known as Etch Primer is a layer of powdercoat that does 2 main things. Firstly it creates a much better bond between the steel and the top coat or colour coat and most importantly, it severely reduces the possibility of rust. Do you need it? The closer to the ocean you live, the more reason to have it.

White rust, rust, scaling are all very common problems which effect the powdercoat finish of your patio. The most common cause is air-born sea salts. The use of etch primer creates a barrier against salts and acids deteriorating the powdercoating and rusting the steelwork. Whilst the quality of the steel is paramount against rust, the mixture of salts when applied to the galvanising layer can quickly create white rust and scaling, eating into the galvanising.

Sea salts can travel 5 kilometers in good winds and the closer to salt water you are, the more concentrated the salts will be. I highly reccommend the use of using an etch primer to extend the life of your patio and keep it looking good for many years to come.