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Import Steel VS Australian Steel

Import Steel vs Aussie Steel

WOW, here's a good topic! The truth is Australian made steel leaves import for dead. Whilst aussie made steel is considerably more expensive, it has several benefits. The galvanising (rust proof coating) is up to 5x thicker and the outer finish of the steel is so much smoother. The dense weight per metre is also up to 50% heavier. If you want a long lasting patio or carport, which has the best rust protection, it is a must to use Australian Steel.

The facts are that many companies do use imported steel because it's cheap. It looks the same when newly built, but it rusts pretty quick. As powdercoat is a permeable coating that's applied to the steel, unlike paint, it's up to the quality of the rust proofing, galvanising of the steel which determines how long it will look good for and how long it will last.

We only use ORRCON brand, Australian made steel for all our steel patios. We have a very long standing relationship and absolutely no intention of buying anywhere else.