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Insulated Roofing


SolarSpan, Awesome Stuff...

What is SolarSpan?

Solar Span is a combination of colourbond steel sheeting top and bottom with a layer of insulation to the centre. The introduction of SolarSpan allows us to create entertaining spaces never before seen with long continous spans without internal structure and a ceiling like finish underneath.


SolarSpan Panels

SolarSpan Cross Section

What makes Solarspan unique is the ability to create long spans between structure. This is achieved using High Tensile Colorbond sheeting to the top side, Polystyrene to the centre and Colorbond to the underneath. Otherwise known as a sandwich panel, the combination the products making SolarSpan can allow the sheets to span up to 8 meters without structure, creating a ceiling like finish underneath.


SolarSpan Warranty

Awesome 10 Year Guarantee

Solarspan is not just a fantastic product, it's guaranteed to stay fantastic and looking great for at least 10 years. Solarspan will keep your patio area cool and maintain it's sleek, modern finish for many years, giving you peace of mind that you have chosen the right product to enhance your lifestyle and your house.

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